Operation: Smooth

Mozilla performance notes - a personal view

About Me

My name is Avi Halachmi, and I’m part of the performance team at Mozilla.

I enjoy coding in general, and especially interested in different aspects of user experience (UI, privacy, usability, performance, and more).

I maintain the SmoothWheel Firefox addon, and contribute to OSS projects when I can (PCSX2, Quassel IRC, been involved with Xvid and ffdshow in their early days, and few more). I also helped refining smooth scroll in Firefox.

In the past, I worked for IBM (where I came up with the “autoscroll” concept), SanDisk, and several startup companies.

Other than hacking, I’m also fond of Othello, AKA Reversi (finished 6th at the national championships! 6th and last, that is ;) ), been a professional voleyball player for many years, and also enjoy motorcycles, and especially sport bikes.

These days I ride a cosy (yet satisfying) 2001 Honda VFR800, and over the years I’ve had many, including an ah-mazing (and sadly stolen) 2004 Suzuki GSXR1000 and an immortal 50cc Honda cub (FTW!!!1!). I also enjoy the occasional track day (even tried racing, though admittedly, not very successfully), and visited various racetracks such as Donington in the UK, Hungary’s Hongaroring, Serres in Greece, and others.

That being said, I absolutely wouldn’t mind an interesting trip, especially when it involves good company and some local digestables. And drinks.

That’s about it with the boring stuff for now,
Over and out,