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Help Wanted - Slow Touchpad Scroll in Firefox?

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Bug 829952 says that scrolling using the touchpad feels slow on some laptops.

Turns out that it’s quite hard to provide a consistent scroll experience on the various platforms which Firefox supports, due to many laptop and touchpad manufacturers, different drivers, OS configurations etc. We could have provided some (or a lot of) configuration UI, but the best solution would be to get it as good as possible out of the box.

And to do that, we need data - and you might be able to help.

- Hello World -

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When your manager does your work for you, it means something has gone wrong along the way. So here is me fixing it - finally I’ve setup a blog. You can read a bit about me here.

Welcome aboard.

Since I joined the performance team at Mozilla not long ago, I’ve been working on animation smoothness, starting with tab animation, but touching related subjects as well.

In this space, I hope to provide interesting progress notes on this and related subjects.

Stay tuned.